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Customers are always right!

Business owners don’t really like to refer to this phrase anymore because they feel it gives the customer too much sense of entitlement and puts the customer support team under duress. But this “cliche” phrase is the truth that determines a business’ success!

Let’s look at it from another perspective. Were your customers not right about the products and services your business offers?

If they were wrong, then that is a sign that your brand and marketing team have been passing the wrong message. Typically, your support team will work under pressure, as they have to satisfy or constantly apologize for not matching up to unrealistic expectations.

If they were correct about your business, then they have every right to a sense of entitlement. It stems from the need to validate their decision of picking your business over your competition. And trust me, no one likes to be proven wrong, especially if they made that decision themselves.

This is where customer experience comes in. To deliver a great customer experience, you need the right CX software. One that helps your support team collaborate and work with ease, it can also trace where possible misinformation about your business is coming from. I even dare to say that, with great CX software, you can deliver a customer experience that is capable of turning a misinformed customer into your marketing team member. Because customers are always right, everyone would believe them!

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