3 Reasons Your Customers Won’t Send Feedback

Customer feedback is information provided by customers about their experience with a product or service, helping teams understand where they can improve. It is very important to get feedback from your customers as their opinion is a resource for improving customer experience and adjusting your services to their needs. This data can be collected with different […]

Customer Segmentation For Better Customer Experience

Over time customer segmentation has solely been seen as a marketing strategy, but recent studies and research have shown that it also can be used to improve customer experience. Humans are unique social beings who like to belong to groups with common values or interests, and for anyone to connect to a group of people […]

Data Management For Customer Experience

Digital customer experience is the new normal for businesses. Customer expectations are increasing with each passing day and not just for the customer but also for businesses that offer products and services. With social media platforms offering instant access to customers, it’s getting tougher to retain them. This is why customer-centricity has become one of […]

Personalisation; The Untapped Customer Experience Strategy

In the age of social media and mobile, customers are increasingly expecting businesses to provide them with a personalised customer experience. That means tailoring tasks and communications to meet their needs as an individual. In other words, it means being able to recognise individual users, respond appropriately and provide tailored services that are relevant to […]