Our Story

We listened to customer feedback for over four years before we built AlphaCX.

Why we started AlphaCX

We started off implementing third-party customer-focused solutions for businesses across the globe but soon realized that most of those solutions did not meet user requirements and needed a lot of customization. In simpler terms, our customers were paying a small fortune for licenses and subscriptions, with no commensurate value.

After gathering user feedback across organizations for almost half a decade, we decided to build AlphaCX as a complete customer management tool for businesses without the complexities, shortcomings, and huge price tags they previously experienced.

AlphaCX is indeed the best Customer Experience Solution for underserved markets, delivering an easy-to-use, yet effective tool for businesses to gain insights on customer satisfaction, increase customer retention, and accelerate business growth, while turning complaints into happiness and profit!

AlphaCX offers both SaaS and dedicated hosting options. The product features Omnichannel Conversational Support, Helpdesk Ticketing, Customer Feedback Management, Knowledge Base, Customer Portal and so much more.

The best part is, we are not done yet! This is a journey that has only begun. The future of customer engagement is here and you’re invited to join us!

We are not done yet, this is a journey which has only begun!

Our Values

Character Over Competence

We believe talent and toxic don't work with teams. we need every team member to be emotionally intelligent. Bad character ruins the best talent.

Customer First

Our product was inspired and built for customers. They are the driving reason for what we do. So we listen keenly to their feedback.

Team Works

Individual actions impact the collective group. Each individuals makes up the team.

Value Maximization

We make the best use of resources to minimise waste and ensure sustainability. We take our time to get it right rather compromise quality because of speed.

Meet our Team

Co-founder & ceo

Dabo Owen Etela

Owen is an experienced solutions architect with expertise in CRM Systems, process automation and Cloud Infrastructure.

Head of Engineering

Keme Kenneth

Keme is a product engineer that has developed robust, maintainable, and scalable web applications for enterprises.


Muna Nwuju

Muna is a high-performing growth and Customer Success practitioner that ensures businesses maximise value in the shortest time possible.

Powerful CRM for business to customer communication

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AlphaCX is the #1 Customer Engagement Platform to power support, digital sales and growth in companies of all sizes. Enabling businesses to respond to more queries in less time, delivering customers happiness, team productivity, and revenue.

It is a complete Customer Experience solution that offers Conversational Helpdesk, Knowledge Base, and Satisfaction Surveys to enable businesses to deliver consistent alpha customer service.