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Powerful tools that drive up team productivity and customer engagement.

AlphaCX is a complete customer engagement product offering a range of solutions.

It is platform agnostic and can run in any server environment including Private and Public Cloud. Giving end-users control over their compliance, data and hosting.

AlphaCX enables users to communicate, track and measure customer interaction. Customers and businesses interact across touchpoints such as self-service portals, embedded forms, conversational chats, whatsapp or good old fashioned email and phone call. Interactions can be tracked, merged, assigned and automated. In addition, survey and feedback feature in AlphaCX, enable businesses to measure customer satisfaction and net promoter score.

AlphaCX provides a unified customer profile, empowering businesses to understand their customer better. Artificial Intelligence to Predict customer interaction patterns for better personalised service and customer journey management. Integrate and synchronise customer data from multiple sources such as APIs, 3rd Party Applications, SQL and NoSQL databases.

Reporting and analytics to allow business measure customer loyalty, employee performance and business growth. Business can generate report required to meet regulatory compliance.

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 A tool that gives insight on customer satisfaction and retention while increasing revenue for businesses.

AlphaCX is an Intelligent customer management platform that turns complaints to happiness, gives insights on customer satisfaction, retention and business growth.

It is a complete Customer Experience Solution that offers communication, data integration and analytical capabilities built for Teams and Customers.

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