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The all-in-one omnichannel tool for robust customer support and digital commerce.

Solve all customer queries from across channels in a modern conversational way.

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Never lose another customer

 AlphaCX is an engagement platform that enables Communicating with all channels within a single view. It is ​purpose-built for teams and customers of small, medium and enterprise businesses.

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 Answers to common concerns you may have. 

Chat with customers from Facebook messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Email.

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 Automate Service Level Agreement notifications to elevate compliance and stick to turnaround times.

Organise and structure relevant information in a central knowledge base for customers to access. This does not come at any additional cost.

Powerful CRM for business to customer communication

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AlphaCX is the #1 Customer Engagement Platform powering growth for companies in Africa. Enabling businesses to respond to more queries in less time, delivering customers happiness, team productivity, and revenue.