Customer Reviews

A customer review is feedback of your product or service by your customer. When it comes to making decisions, we humans aren’t always independent thinkers. We depend on our network of friends, family, and colleagues for opinions, advice, or perspectives to enrich our decision-making. The Internet extends our human network as we are no longer […]

Customer Complaints – The Pulse of Business.

In the medical world, pulse signifies life. It is an indication of hope that the patient can be revived, recuperated, or saved. A complaint, on the other hand, is a statement that something is unsatisfactory or unacceptable. Therefore, we can say, customer complaint is a statement that a service or product is not satisfactory. Just […]

Fast Customer Support

Gone are the days when we had to go rent cassettes to watch movies. Then, the process of rewinding the cassettes whenever we wanted to watch the movie again, was fun but I don’t think anyone would like to go through that in this time and age. What happened? Change! I remember the long process […]

The Cliche Phrase

Customers are always right! Business owners don’t really like to refer to this phrase anymore because they feel it gives the customer too much sense of entitlement and puts the customer support team under duress. But this “cliche” phrase is the truth that determines a business’ success! Let’s look at it from another perspective. Were […]

How Do We Measure Business Success?

Many people think success is measured only by the profit after tax of a business. However, this thought is transient, and it limits the potential growth that comes with the advantage of a good customer Lifetime Value. It also makes the business owners treat customers as sales numbers instead of individuals who have the right […]

VoC: The Voice of the Customer

Organisations may hear many voices (Customer, Business, Employee, and Process), but the voice of the customer (VoC)  is the driving voice as to what should be important to the organisation and what the organisation should focus on. The satisfaction of the VoC needs to be balanced against the Voice of the Business, Voice of the […]