In the medical world, pulse signifies life. It is an indication of hope that the patient can be revived, recuperated, or saved.
A complaint, on the other hand, is a statement that something is unsatisfactory or unacceptable. Therefore, we can say, customer complaint is a statement that a service or product is not satisfactory.
Just like the pulse rate is meant to be on average, customer complaints should also come in at a moderate rate. Too much or too little indicates the need to visit the doctor and no pulse means there is probably no hope of revival. This can be applied to business.
Below are some facts on customer complaints that you might find interesting;
From the last two facts, we can say a business is meant to anticipate customer complaints.
Kindly note that customer complaints and bad customer experience are not the same things. It is this assumption that makes businesses dread customer complaints, thereby ignoring them. Customer experience is actually based on how a customer’s complaint, enquiry, or sales journey was handled and not the complaint in itself. Customer complaints are healthy for businesses, in fact, these are some advantages of customer complaints;
There you have it! We at AlphaCX believe strongly that customer complaints can be turned into revenue!
Never ignore complaints, take them head-on to make a customer happy, get a customer back, or make a profit.
Here are 5 steps to turn customer complaints into happiness;
Customer complaints are important, there is no better way to collect direct feedback from customers for the improvement of a business’ product or service. However, the way a complaint is handled is the difference between keeping a customer or losing one.

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