Gone are the days when we had to go rent cassettes to watch movies. Then, the process of rewinding the cassettes whenever we wanted to watch the movie again, was fun but I don’t think anyone would like to go through that in this time and age.

What happened? Change!

I remember the long process it took to speak with a customer care representative when there was a need to reach out to our network providers. First, the automated voice message that prompted us to dial numbers, then a bunch of adverts and songs that would play for a long stretch of time. I chorused along then, but I don’t see myself having that kind of patience today.

Times have changed, so have the customer’s needs.

In a recent survey by AlphaCX; 21% said Fast Support is what matters most to them, 42% preferred having their issues resolved, whether the response was fast or slow. The remaining 37% was split between Convenient Channels (13%), 24/7 Support (11%), Empathetic Agent (8%), and Personalised Service (5%).
The bottom line, the customers want their issues resolved, and fast!

The easier your customer can reach you, the faster it is to resolve their complaints or respond to their enquiries.
Diffuse that large concentration of customers by creating multiple channels. This gives the customer the convenience of choice and your support team can be grouped into units to handle these channels. Division of labor and efficiency!

It is the 21st century, time is priceless. Bear in mind that your customer does not only pay money for your service, they also pay time.

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